Michelle Obama by Anna Doherty
Published by Hachette
Release date October 17th 2019
Source Hachette, review copy.

A few months ago I read and reviewed (and LOVED) the first book in Anna Doherty's Fantastically Feminist series: The Brontes. The Fantastically Feminist series is all about celebrating the incredible achievements of women through Anna Doherty's wonderful words and illustrations.

In celebration of Black History Month, today I'm here to tell you about the latest book in this wonderful series: Michelle Obama!

Having recently read Becoming I was thrilled to get the chance to explore Michelle Obama's fascinating life in a different way. She's such an inspirational figure and this book is a great way of finding out all of the different kinds of wonderful work Michelle has done and continues to do.

It tells the story of Michelle Obama's life through moments in her childhood, her education, working life and through her time in the White House and the amazing work she did there. The fun illustrations and layout make this an accessible biography for children aged 5 and up.

This book, and this series in general, is a wonderful way to introduce non-fiction to children and share the lives of inspirational, diverse women.

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