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About Me

S A R A H  | |  2 5

Newcastle University English Language and Literature graduate, blogger and hand-letterer.

I've been an avid and constant reader since I could hold a book and I will generally read anything and everything I can get my hands on. I have a TBR list as long as my arm and am currently working through it so you can expect reviews of old books alongside new and from a variety of genres.

I read mostly YA and adult fiction with some middle-grade and children's thrown in. My favourite genres to read are:
  • Fantasy
  • Family Sagas
  • Contemporary
  • Historical Fiction
  • Non-fiction
Want to collaborate or just fancy a chat? Email me at


  1. I read English at Newcastle too! I graduated in 2013 so we wouldn't have shared any classes but we probably walked past each other in the Percy building loads and never knew!!

  2. Hey there my gorgeous girl, I have nominated you for the Creative Blogger award, becauseI love your blog, and think you're a wonderful person who deserves to be appreciated! Please check out my blog for more information.
    Sara |

  3. Just saying that your blog looks really great! Probably it exists, but in the french blogosphere, sites with visual content of that quality are rare! Well, your book covers are already 100 more beautifull so... Well, continue your good work ! Have a nice day !