Thursday 11 February 2016


I've always been fascinated by our society's obsession with romantic love, and how the media, advertising and our general culture seems to suggest that romantic love is somehow more valid or valuable than non-romantic love. This is part of the reason why I've never really "done" Valentine's day, I also find it odd that we've dedicated this one specific day to showing love to our romantic partners - like, why should it just be one day? Anyway, I'm rambling, the point of this post is that when Zazzle contacted me asking if I wanted to join in their #loveisAtoZ campaign, I was all about it.

You might remember that back in December I reviewed some of Zazzle's Christmas gifts and was extremely pleased with the service. Zazzle is basically an online superstore where you can customise, personalise or create almost any product you can imagine. This year, Zazzle wants to encourage celebrating all kinds of love: 'the kinds that can sometimes be taken for granted, taking a back seat in the business of day to day life. It’s not just romance that should be celebrated - we feel that #loveisAtoZ. Aunties who babysit regularly, best friends who make you feel 10 feet tall, your mum’s cousin-who’s-like-a-second-mum to you… the list goes on!'

The team at Zazzle tasked me with finding the perfect tokens of love for the people that mean the most to me. After spending hours browsing, agonising and designing, I came up a few special things to give to my loved ones this Valentine's.

Ah, the Valentine's card. Usually so sweet, so garish, so vomit-inducing. Well, not anymore. Introducing the awesome Zoolander quote card that is also just the truth. Whilst this is undoubtedly suitable for your romantic partner it's also perfect for your best friend/sister/colleague/mailperson who just needs that little boost of confidence and the confirmation that they're working it on the daily.

I've got to say, the first people that came to my mind when I thought about my loved ones were my squad. Yes, I can hear you laughing at me for calling them that but that's what they are and that's the name of our Whatsapp group and I have no shame, OKAY?! I knew I needed to send them all a little something in the post to tell them how awesome they are and what better way than with a personalised card? Now, Zazzle have a RIDICULOUS amount of card designs and I'm so bad at choosing that in the end I thought, you know what, imma make my own.

My sister, Meg, is without a doubt one of the most important people in my life. She's the most hilariously weird, kind-hearted and adventurous person I know, she's always been there for me and she just gets me, y'know? She loves flamingos and she's always travelling so I decided to get her this monogrammed flamingo pouch so she can use it not for cosmetics, as it's probably intended (she never wears makeup but looks FLAWLESS, I secretly hate her), but to keep the important travel documents that she's always bloody losing. I also customised this super cute flamingo card with an adorable little metaphor because I'm just so witty and sweet.

Warning: I'm about to get serious for a minute. I'm ninety-nine percent sure that I wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for my mum. And I don't mean in the, she gave birth to me therefore I'm alive way. More like in the, I've had some pretty difficult mental health issues and I might have ended my life at one point if it wasn't for her, way. She has kept me here, she's grounded me, picked up the phone at 3am when I've been alone and desperate, been a literal shoulder to cry on and most importantly, she was the one who let me know that it's okay to open up and it's okay to ask for help. She is an incredibly strong, thoughtful and generous person and although I tell her I love her as often as possible, she definitely deserves a token to show it every now and again.

My mum has always loved beach huts, particularly the ones at Wells beach in Norfolk, I think it's because they're bright and fun and they remind her of happy times. They really do have everything on Zazzle so I simply searched for 'beach huts' and picked out this beautiful print that I think she's going to love.

Now, I wouldn't truly be spoiling the people I love without treating myself to a little something too. Self-love is so important and I think a part of that is treating yourself to something you want every once in a while. At Christmas I gave my mum this Mr Darcy tote bag from Zazzle and it was so lovely that I wanted to get a bag for myself because I really do use them all the time. I designed this one myself, because bookish treats are the best treats and it's going to look great filled with books on the way back from the library!

Everything I ordered came super quickly (some within a day or so, most within a week) and it's all excellent quality. I absolutely love Zazzle's service and will definitely be using them for personalised gifts as I really think it shows that little extra thought and effort - plus it's so fun customising everything!

I just want to say a huge thank you to the team at Zazzle for giving me the opportunity to show my loved ones, not just my romantic partner, how much they mean to me in this lovey-doviest of months. So this Valentine's day, whilst you're rolling your eyes at all the sappy couples, remember that #loveisAtoZ and treat someone who's important to you or just remember to tell them that you love them!

What do you think about Valentine's? Will you be spreading the non-romantic love?

* Disclaimer: the products linked in this review were sent to me for review purposes by Zazzle. However all opinions are entirely my own and I would never review something that I didn't honestly love!

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