Saturday 19 March 2016


Reading: I'm just finishing off The Art of Being Normal for the Girl Gang book club. Check out #GGbookclub on Twitter to read some of my thoughts.

Watching: Season 6 of Good Mythical Morning on YouTube. Since discovering the show last year I've been slowly watching every season. It's great for when my ME flares because they're only 10ish minutes long each.

Planning: a whole bunch of book reviews! I've been sent quite a few books for review lately and I'm on some upcoming blog tours so look out for that :)

Making: WishWishWish's microwave mug cake. So. Damn. Good.

Stocking up on: actually nothing! I'm on a bit of a spending ban right now due to a serious lack of funds and it's going really well so far.

Wishing for: a bit of an upsurge in my health. Things have been really difficult lately and it's stopping me from doing everything I want to do, which is really frustrating. I'm hoping that there will be an upswing soon though.

Enjoying: the brighter days and slightly warmer weather we've been getting. I've even managed to sit outside and read for the first time this year!

Trying: to eat a little better, and a little less chocolate, but it's not working out too well, see below...

Eating: Cadbury's giant buttons and Easter eggs even though it's not Easter yet...I'm a terrible person.

Goal Setting: I'm on a graded exercise therapy programme for my ME and the aim is to get to a point where I'm strong and well enough to start doing yoga regularly, hopefully by next month.

Learning: that it's okay to listen to my body sometimes have those days where I just don't get anything done except resting, and that when I don't listen to my body I get serious payback.

What's been going on with you lately?

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