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Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans | Blog Tour

Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans
Published by Usborne
Release Date: April 4th 2019
Source: Usborne, paperback finished copy.

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Laura was dying. There was no cure for her illness. So her family decided to grasp a desperate last hope - Laura was frozen until she could be cured.

But what happens when you wake up one day and the world has moved on forty years? Your best friend is middle-aged, your parents presumed dead. Could you find a new place to belong? Could you build a new life - while solving the mystery of what happened to the old one?

Dark secrets lurk in the future of the girl from the past…

Today I'm sharing the new YA sci-fi novel from Usborne: Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans! Described as "Sleeping Beauty with a Black Mirror-style twist", Beauty Sleep explores what it would be like for a pre-tech girl to wake up in a futuristic world. Today I'm sharing a little taster with a gripping extract from the novel to get you excited! No doubt you'll be as hooked as I was...


Extract from Beauty Sleep

I was winded by it.
"Forty? Forty years?"
"I know it's a shock," Benjie said.
It was impossible. Completely impossible. I tried to process what they were telling me, but my brain couldn't cope.
"" Then my head snapped up. "Wait, is it gone, the cancer?"
Benjie smiled. "We began treatment as soon as you were revived. You slept through most of it, but you responded well. You'll need a lot of onitoring, but we're confident you are on the road to a full recovery."
I wrapped my arms around myself, as if I was checking I was whole. "So what...when...what year is it?"
Benjie paused, then said, "2028."
It was impossible. It couldn't be 2028. That sounded so far in the future - it was science fiction.
What was the year I went to sleep then? I wracked my brain, frustrated by my lack of memory. Then I remembered sticking something into a scrapbook - a picture of Prince Andrew and Fergie getting engaged - and writing the date in bubble letters. It was March. March, 1986.
I shook my head.
How could I remember that and so little else?
Forty years?
Benjie held my arm. "I'm so sorry. We weren't sure...We didn't want..."
I pulled my knees up to my chest and curled into a ball, turning my head away from them. I closed my eyes. I wanted to shut him out.
I wanted to shut everything out.
The didn't leave. I could hear them whispering. Still I kept my eyes closed.
Forty years.
A lifetime.
No, it wasn't. It was a long time but it wasn't a lifetime.
How old would Mum and Ima have been in 1986? I searched my patchy memory. Early forties? Maybe? A spark of hope ignited.
I opened my eyes. "They could still be alive, Mum and Ima. Do they know? Can't you find them? Tell them I'm awake?"
Benjie bit his lip.
"I know they'll be old, it doesn't matter, Benjie. I just want to see them. I need to see them. I can cope, I swear."
He wouldn't look at me. Cold crept over my skin.


If that doesn't have you intrigued, I don't know what will. Beauty Sleep is out now!

Thank you so much to Usborne for inviting me to take part in this blog tour. Don't forget to check out the other stops!

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