Wednesday 18 March 2015

Springtime Beauty Book Tag

This tag was created by awesome booktuber Samantha over at Novels and Nonsense, go and subscribe to her if you're not already because her videos are brilliant! I wasn't actually tagged to do this by anyone but that's not going to stop me. Let's get into the questions...

1) Spring sun: the days are getting longer and the sun is starting to shine. Name a book that filled you with hope or peace.
Harry Potter is the obvious choice here, every time I want to feel comforted and calm I reach for this series and it never fails. But I would also say Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, even though it's a post-apocalyptic book it filled me with hope for humanity.

2) Crocuses and Tulips: spring flowers are starting to sprout everywhere. Name an author or series you just discovered and want to read more from.
I recently read The Day of the Triffids by John Whyndam and I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I'm not usually one for classic science fiction but I'm looking forward to reading more from him, I think I'll probably be picking up The Midwich Cuckoos sometime soon.

3) A cool breeze: the days are getting warmer but are still nice and cool. Name a character which was like a breath of fresh air.
Nikolai from The Grisha trilogy was such a breath of fresh air into that series, I think the reason why I found it hard to completely love the first book was that I found some of the characters quite dry and difficult to like but that all changed with Nikolai. He's offbeat, sassy and hilarious, I can't wait to read Ruin and Rising and just hope that it has plenty of Nikolai in it to get me through.

4) Blossoming trees: all the trees are bursting with Spring colour. Show some books which remind you of Spring.

All of these lovely classics because they are so bright and beautiful! The Vintage Classics editions of Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, the Puffin in Bloom edition of A Little Princess and the Knickerbocker Classics edition of Wuthering Heights.

5) T-shirts and shorts: with warmer weather comes cooler clothing. What is your favourite short book?
I really love Lunch Poems by Frank O'Hara, it's just a really lovely pocket-sized collection of poetry. My favourite is Having a Coke With You which you can listen to Frank O'Hara reading here:

6) Spring is the time for new beginnings. What series are you hoping to start this year?
I'm definitely going to read the Divergent and Mortal Instruments series this year. I know, I'm probably the only person in the world who hasn't read them but this year is the year!

7) Springtime beauty: What is your favourite Spring flower?
I think that Tulips and Daffodils are beautiful but I really love Snowdrops because when they peek their little heads through that's when you know that Spring is coming.

I tag everyone reading this to do this tag and please let me know in the comments if you've done it!

What's your favourite thing about Spring?


  1. Those Book covers are beautiful!


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