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Top 5 Wednesday is hosted by GingerReadsLainey and you can see the complete list of Wednesday-ers here. This week's topic is 'Side Characters Who Deserve Their Own Series', but for some of these I think a whole series may be a bit of a stretch and I'd just be happy with a book from these characters' perspectives.

Now I actually think about this a lot, particularly when I'm reading a book or series with a large cast of characters. I sometimes become attached to certain characters and wish they were more developed and I've also always been interested in the idea of how the events of the narrative would be experienced and portrayed by a minor character, or just a normal person within that particular world. That is why I'm super excited for Patrick Ness' upcoming release The Rest of Us Just Live Here, which follows a character(s?) who isn't the hero or the chosen one or the one starting the revolution, they're just trying to get by in a world where someone else is causing all the drama.

Anyway, onto my picks for this weeks topic...

01. Literally anyone else from the Harry Potter-verse.
I know this is cheating a little as it's not a specific character. But I would give away all my other books and possessions and sell my soul to read another novel or series set in the Wizarding World. I know that we've got the Fantastic Beasts film and The Cursed Child play coming but I want more books damnit! The saddest thing is I know that we're not going to get them and my heart breaks a little every time I think about that. 

In particular I'd love to delve into the past and read about Dumbledore or the Marauders, but just as equally I'd love a book or series from the perspective of a Hogwarts teacher, a ministry employee or a random Hogwarts student whilst Harry's running round causing all sorts of drama. J.K. Rowling's world is so well thought out and finely drawn that the potential for more stories is endless. I think my best bet is probably fanfiction and I know there's a lot of great ones out there so if you have any suggestions please let me know? (comment or tweet at me)

02. The Darkling from The Grisha trilogy
I'm completely fascinated by villains, particularly ones whose villain-y intentions aren't completely black or white. So I'd be really interested in reading something from the Darkling's perspective. Plus he's pretty sexy so that wouldn't hurt.

03. Wilf from the Chaos Walking trilogy.
I love Wilf! He's my favourite character from the series and I just feel like he's got so much more to him than is shown in the novel. He doesn't get a lot of page time overall but from what we do see of him we know that everyone trusts him implicitly and there's a lot more to his intelligence and personality than meets the eye. I just think he's a really interesting character that could be developed further.

04. Jaqen H'ghar from the A Song of Ice and Fire series.
Again this is a character who doesn't get a large amount of page time (I've actually only read up to A Storm of Swords part one so he probably returns) and I think that's where the mystery lies. He's such an interesting character and his interactions with others (no spoilers!) are so well constructed and leave you wanting to know more about him. I'd love to know about his past and how he came to be where he is in terms of the narrative and again I just think his character has so much potential to be devloped into a series.

05. Isaac from The Fault in our Stars.
I was kind of struggling for a fifth option but I realised that I'd pretty much only included fantasy characters so I thought I'd throw in a little contemporary to mix it up. Isaac is one of my favourite contemporary side characters. He's really sweet, funny and insightful and I think his story is just as interesting as Hazel or Augustus' so I'd be really happy to read a book from his perspective.

So those are the top five characters I think deserve their own book or series. Please comment down below and let me know if you agree or if you've done a T5W post, I'm always looking for new blogs to read! 

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  1. Jaqen H'gear is such a good shout! Issac would be really funny and interesting too



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