Saturday 22 August 2015


01. Listening to endless episodes of the Criminal podcast and This American Life. Seriously, I don't know what I did before podcasts. They're like super-interesting documentaries that you can multi-task to.

02. There seems to be an abundance of flowers in my house at the moment and I'm making sure to stop and soak up their loveliness now and then (and also exploit their beauty for instagrams).

03. Spending time sitting with my nana, who turned 91 last week (!!!), and talking about what life was like in the war and how she met my granddad. She has some amazing stories to tell so I'm trying to record our conversations with my phone and encouraging her to write some things down so I can find out more about her life and remember all the amazing things she has to say.

04. Guava juice. If you haven't tried it before then your life is about to change. It's seriously the nectar of the gods. (note: the easiest/cheapest to acquire is Rubicon from Asda) *heart eyes emoji*

05. Finally reading Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. It totally and utterly lived up to the hype, it gave me all the feels and I'm kind of still in a book hangover from it.

06. Eating a huge burger with a side of Mac and Cheese AND sweet potato fries at Proper Burger co. in Newark. I could only eat half of it but it was seriously amazing and well worth the slow, bloated waddle back to the car afterwards.

07. Getting a full mostly-uninterrupted nights sleep. I've mentioned this before in previous 10 things posts but it is undoubtedly one of the best things in life, especially when you have a chronic illness. My bed is my happy place.

08. Watching The Great British Bake Off with my family and boyfriend (along with reading the hilarious live-tweets from #GBBO). I'm totally on the thirsty-for-Tamal bandwagon *heart eyes emoji again*.

09. My boyfriend was inspired by all the Bake Off action so last weekend we determinedly set out to recreate the previous week's showstopping bake. After a few miscalulations and minor disasters we didn't end up with a black forest gateaux but we did end up with a very tasty cherry-chocolate brownie type thing, so it's all good!

10. My new tshirt from Bookworm Boutique arrived and I'm so in love with it. I want everything from that shop but this will have to do for now. 

This post is inspired by the lovely Cider With Rosie, whose 10 things posts are some of my favourites.

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  1. Aw, I love hearing the stories old people can tell, just fascinating . Make the most of it whilst you can!



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