Monday 24 August 2015


This past week I've been taking part in the Bout of Books readathon which has been an unexpected amount of fun! The readathon started last Monday the 17th and carried on through Sunday 23rd, there was a lot of fun and interaction on Twitter using #boutofbooks and I've found a lot of great new blogs to follow from that. I also really enjoyed posting my updates on Instagram:

In my TBR for the readathon I picked out four books I wanted to read and I managed to read three of them so I'm pretty pleased with that. Just like with my TBR Takedown wrap up I'm going to save my thoughts and ratings of the actual books for my monthly wrap up but I thought I'd share my daily readathon progress with you and how I found the overall experience.

Monday 17th - pages read: 205, total pages read: 205.
I started off the readathon with Touching Darkness by Scott Westerfeld, which is the second book in the Midnighters trilogy. I had already started this the day before but I was only about 30 pages in so I figured I could count it for the readathon. I read managed to get through most of the book as it's a pretty easy read and the plot moves quite quickly. I'm really enjoying this series and it was definitely a good start to the readathon.

Tuesday 18th - pages read: 171, total pages read: 376.
I finished up the last 70 pages of Touching Darkness pretty quickly and moved onto Attachments by Rainbow Rowell which I read about 100 pages of in one sitting, it's that good.

Wednesday 19th - pages read: 0, total pages read: 376.
Okay so this day was a bit of a fail, I wasn't feeling too great and then I spent the evening with my boyfriend watching Bake Off which I don't regret for a moment, it's okay to take a reading break now and then.

Thursday 20th - pages read: 280, total pages read: 656.
This was the day that I read the most and I think it was because I took a little reading break the day before. I spent most of the afternoon finishing off Attachments which I fell completely in love with and it gave me all of the feels. I was feeling a bit book hangover-ish after that and only read 24 pages of my next book, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, before bed.

Friday 21st - pages read: 0, total pages read: 656.
Another fail day, I can't even remember what I did but it wasn't reading.

Saturday 22nd - pages read: 138, total pages read: 794.
I was feeling really ill on Saturday and unfortunately had to cancel my plans to go and see Paper Towns but it was sunny so I managed to get a little time outside to read. I also joined in the last #boutofbooks Twitter chat which was completely overwhelming but so much fun! If you've never participated in a Twitter chat before then I highly recommend doing so, but I would advise you to use something like Tweetcaster in order to keep up with everything!

Sunday 23 - pages read: 240, total pages read: 1034.
Sunday was the last day of the readathon so I really wanted to get The Secret Garden finished and at the start of the day, with 240 pages still to go, I wasn't sure I was going to. But I managed to get some reading done outside, which always helps, and I stayed up until I'd finished the book, which was just before midnight - success!

Total books read: 3
Total pages read: 1034

I didn't manage to get to my fourth readathon TBR book, Remix by Non Pratt, during the readathon, but I'll definitely be reading that before the month is out. My favourite book of the week was Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and I'm really pleased that I managed to get three books read :). I actually read more total pages than I did during my last readathon so I'm really happy about that!

Overall I really enjoyed my first Bout of Books experience and am already looking forward to the next one which will be in January next year! Be sure to check out the website for more information and how/when to sign up for the next one!

Did you take part in the readathon? If not, will you be joining in with the next one?

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  1. Wow, that's an impressive page count! I read five books for Bout of Books, but they were only just above 700 pages altogether (some small books, one I was already working on before the readathon). I had so much fun with it, though, and I'm glad I found your blog through it! :) And I'm looking forward to your review of Attachments - my copy should be arriving in the mail any day now. :)


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