Monday 28 September 2015


It's the old cliché again but September really has gone by ridiculously fast, summer has faded (mostly) and I'm starting to get really excited for Autumn and all the goodness it brings. But for now let's savour September and have a look back at all the things I've been enjoying this month...

01. Fresh Flowers
This month has been a great one for flowers. Around the middle of the month my mum bought me a beautiful bunch of chrysanthemum's from Asda and they're still going! I'm so impressed with them, and they've been great for Instagram. I was also blown away this week when I received a stunning bouquet through my letterbox from my wonderful friends who wanted to cheer me up because I've been having a bit of a difficult time lately. They sent me the Eleanor bouquet from Bloom & Wild and they're just absolutely beautiful. I'm so grateful for that gift and the support of my friends, I was more than a little bit teary-eyed when it arrived.

02. Ru Paul's Drag Race
If you've never heard of Drag Race then you're seriously missing out. It's basically a reality competition to find America's next drag superstar and it's insanely addictive. My boyfriend and I actually started watching this show last year but have recently got back into it and we've gone through nearly the entire thing. It's ridiculous and hilarious and the respect I have for the talent of these queens is just through the roof. It's on Netflix, so get streaming ASAP.

03. Tidying and Organising
After buying Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying at the beginning of the month I was super motivated for a big clearout and to finally get organised. I'll go into more about the book in my monthly wrap-up but it's actually the after effects of reading it that have been a favourite this month. I've gone through every single thing I own and cleared out about 10 bin bags of stuff (I've actually lost count at this point so it could be a lot more), everything has either gone to my sister or to charity and I feel amazing! Before the clearout I had two wardrobes and a chest of drawers full of clothes, I've now managed to empty and get rid of an entire wardrobe and in it's place I'm getting a new bookcase, so it's win win! I've just really enjoyed tidying and organising everything and now have a much greater appreciation for the things I own. I would recommend that anyone get this book to get motivated to start moving towards an organised life.

04. Kiko Smart Lipstick in 913 Rosewood
I picked this up on a recent trip to Kiko in Nottingham, I'm always so impressed with the range and quality of the products in there and they're always at such crazily cheap prices! This is quite a dark pinky-nude shade and because my lips are pretty pigmented already it's definitely a my-lips-but-better shade for me. It's quite similar to both Mac's Plumful and Syrup, both of which I have, but it's less purple than Plumful and doesn't seem to wash me out as much as Syrup, It's actually super long lasting and it's perfect for everyday wear, and at £3.90 you can't go wrong!

I gave into the temptation of bookstagram and ended up ordering a couple of new magnetic bookmarks from two different Etsy shops and I love them! The little sleeping moon is from Happy Hello Co. and the zombie is from Crafted Van.

06. Candles
Candle season has definitely arrived! I don't tend to light them much in the summer as I'm just outdoors more and as it's brighter and warmer I usually forget. But as the nights draw in and the evenings generally get cosier I've been turning back towards some old favourites. Including the White Lily and Silk Pintail candle, this smells divine and burns so well (have a look on ebay, I got a pack of six for under a tenner). I'm definitely on the look out for some spicier scents for those autumnal days and maybe a pumpkin one, so if you have any recommendations please leave a comment!

07. Baths
As I said the nights are starting to draw in and for me that means regular evening baths. I don't take many baths in the summer because of the warmer weather but I've definitely enjoyed sinking into a Lush bubble bath lately. I get a lot more reading done on evenings where I have a bath because I tend to just sit there soaking and reading for over an hour, which is totally fine by me!

08. Lily Pebbles
I've been a fan of Lily Pebbles for years but I've really been enjoying her videos just lately, particularly as she's recently moved so there have been quite a lot of home-related videos which are some of my favourites. I really think that Lily works so hard and puts so much effort into her videos and it definitely shows, I would say that the quality and content of her videos is far beyond that of some of the 'bigger' YouTubers. I think she handles 'ad' videos particularly well, she always puts extra effort in and it never seems forced or fake (I actually don't see the problem with getting paid for videos as that's her job, but it's a big controversy so I thought I'd address it). I just really love every video she puts up and I look forward to the days that she uploads.

So those have more or less been my favourite things this past month. So goodbye September, but welcome October! I have some exciting things happening on the blog next month, starting promptly on Thursday so look out for that...hint: Blogtober...oooooh I wonder what it could be? Stay tuned!

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