Wednesday 23 September 2015


Today I'm back with another Top Five Wednesday! Top Five Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Lainey over at GingerReadsLainey and you can check out the complete list of Wednesday-ers here. This week's topic is 'title fonts on covers'.

This is such a cute lighthearted topic and gave me a chance to look over the books on my bookshelves to find the pretty title fonts. There are so many nice ones but I've just selected a few favourites here, some obvious, some not so obvious. I know that a lot goes into cover design so where possible I have tried to credit the designer/artist and noted the edition so that you can get your hands on these pretty books too! So in no particular order, let's take a look:

01. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
This is the Orion Books 2013 paperback edition of Eleanor and Park and the cover is designed by Harriet Russell. I just love the title font on this one, it's so simple and sweet and is just perfect for this HEARTBREAKING but amazing YA contemporary. You can buy this edition here.

02. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
Every Grisha trilogy cover is just STUNNING so really I'm cheating and choosing the whole trilogy here and representing it with Shadow and Bone. This is the Indigo Books 2014 paperback edition and the cover art is by Jen Wang whilst the cover design is by Richard Deas. The title is beautifully embossed so it really stands out and I think the font captures the mystery, regality and magic of the book whilst also referencing the book's Russian influences. This is possibly my favourite! You can buy this edition here.

03. Vivian Versus the Apocalypse by Katie Coyle
Isn't this book just beautiful? This is the Hot Key Books 2013 paperback edition with design and lettering by Jan Bielecki. I usually don't really like photographs on book covers but this is definitely an exception. The title and the photograph work so well together and just draw you in. The title font is unlike anything I've seen before and really suits this quirky YA post-apocalyptic novel. You can buy this edition here.

04. Please Don't Come Back From the Moon by Dean Bakopoulos
This is one you probably won't have heard of and I hadn't either until I came across it at a second-hand book stall a few years ago. To be honest it was the cover that really drew me in but I also found the strange blurb very intriguing:
The summer Michael Smolij turns sixteen, his father disappears. One by one other men also vanish from the blue-collar neighborhood outside Detroit where their fathers before them had lived, raised families, and, in a more promising era, worked. One man props open the door to his shoe store and leaves a note. "I'm going to the moon," it reads. "I took the cash.".
It's an excellent book and looking at the cover again makes me want to re-read it. This is the Black Swan 2006 paperback edition with cover design and illustration by Gavin Morris. The cover is simple black and white but there's also something strange about the font which only adds to the mystery of the title, and it's nicely textured with embossing - I love tactile covers! Definitely one of my top favourites! You can buy this edition here.

05. To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han
I'm not the hugest fan of this book but it's still a cute story with an even cuter cover! I picked this one because the title font is in the style of handwriting which goes really well with the themes of this book. It's girly and sweet and youthful which just completely sums up To All the Boys I've Loved Before. This is the Scholastic 2014 paperback edition which I'm pretty sure was designed by Lucy Ruth Cummins. You can buy this edition here.

So those are my top five title fonts on covers! Please let me know if you've done a Top Five Wednesday post by linking it in the comments :)

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What do you think of these book covers?


  1. Great choices! I can see why they're your top 5 :)

  2. great choice! i find the typography in eleanor & park, the grisha trilogy and tatbilb duology really pretty too <3333

    isha @ two sisters bloggin'


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