Friday 23 October 2015


The first few weeks of October were so weird for me reading-wise. I'd been enjoying reading so much and reading so successfully all year that I didn't see the reading slump coming and when it hit I just didn't know how to break out of it. I finished a short book at the beginning of the month and then there was a gaping, almost three week slump where I barely read anything at all. I was in such a funk and felt so disappointed in myself for not reading and it took a long while for me to realise that it was okay not to read.

Being bookish people and being involved in the book community through Twitter, blogs and booktube, we sometimes feel like we have to be reading constantly and finishing 10 plus books a month, and that just isn't the case. It's okay not to read if you don't feel like it, and my number one tip for getting through a reading slump is just that - don't read.

The worst thing you can do is force yourself to pick up books just because you feel like you should be reading, it'll just force you deeper into a slump and might even put you off reading those books later because you'll associate them with that awful, slumpy feeling. Just accept what's happening and let the slump play out naturally until you feel excited to read again.

Sometimes experiencing a reading slump can even be a good thing, as you might find yourself drifting towards other activities and finding something new to enjoy until your reading mojo comes back. During my slump I actually found myself doing things that I hadn't in a while - I coloured in my Johanna Basford colouring book and I started watching a new TV show. Then when Dewey's readathon came along I actually felt excited and ready to read again, moreso than I had in months, and that was the greatest relief.

When you read a lot, reading slumps are naturally going to happen now and then and the best thing you can do is just accept it and ride the wave. It won't last forever and you'll come out the other side ready to kick some reading butt again!

Have you ever experienced a reading slump? How did you deal with it?

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