Thursday 29 October 2015


I've got another fun book tag for you today! The On My Shelf tag was created by Iain Broome over on YouTube and has been replicated many times since by some of my favourite booktubers. I was recently watching Sanne from BooksandQuills do this tag and decided I would give it a go myself. The premise is that you are given sets of two random numbers and you correspond the first number to that number shelf in your book collection and the second number to that number book on that shelf. You then share your thoughts on that book or a particular memory you associate with it. The idea is that every book you own has it's own story and this tag gives you the chance to talk about books that you might not have otherwise. At the end of Sanne's video she provided some numbers so those are the ones I've used here! Let's go...

Shelf 1, Book 3: Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding
This is my adult fiction shelf and this copy of Bridget Jones' Diary actually belongs to my Mum I think, but I seem to have commandeered it. It's pretty battered and beaten up, I think that's because it made the rounds through quite a lot of people before ending up on my shelf. I remember watching the film when I was a teenager then instantly wanting to read the book, which at the time I think I was disappointed by. I'd quite like to re-read this to see if I like it more now that I'm older.

Shelf 2, Book 8: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
This is my classics shelf and the book is the copy of Great Expectations which I studied for my English Literature A-Level, so it's pretty battered after being thrown around in a school bag and thumbed through many times. It has a lot of post-its marking particular pages and is filled with notes written in pencil, some of the notes are helpful but there are quite a lot of doodles of personified vegetables for some reason - I wasn't always the best student haha. I quite like these lime green Penguin Popular Classic editions as they're simple and pretty cheap but they look great together on a shelf.

Shelf 6, Book 1: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling
This is quite possibly my favourite shelf - my Harry Potter shelf! And the first book on this shelf is the new UK Bloomsbury edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I have the original UK editions that I bought when they came out, but they kind of belong to the whole family so I decided I wanted to buy my own editions and I absolutely love the new ones. The cover art is beautiful and they all have foil stars dotted on them - they're just amazing. I have read this new edition and I think I'll be re-reading the series every year from now on.

Shelf 8, Book 15: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
This shelf is my second YA shelf and the book is the beautiful yellowy-lime edition of Eleanor and Park. I'm pretty sure I got this for either my birthday or Christmas last year from my parents because I'd read Fangirl and loved it. I love this book!

Shelf 3, Book 24: Crushes, Cliques and the Cool School Trip by Karen McCombie
This is my children's/tween shelf, I say tween because back in my day YA didn't really exist as a genre and there were books for slightly older children instead, so I wouldn't really class some of the books on this shelf as YA. This book is part of a series I used to collect when I was younger called Ally's World, which follows the eponymous thirteen year old Ally as she navigates all the usual teenage issues. This is one of the later books in the series and was published in 2004, when I was a teenager (yeah I'm old). I remember really loving this books when I was younger as they were the closest to YA I could get my hands on at the time - I think there might even have been a bit of kissing *gasp*. Today's YA is so different, so much more diverse and covers issues that were taboo when the Ally's World books were released so I think it might be interesting to go back and read these to see how I feel about them in comparison to new YA.

So that was the On My Shelf tag! It was fun to look at some books I haven't picked up in a while, but it was interesting that I've actually read all of those books - there are a lot on my shelves I haven't read yet!

If you're reading this, then I tag you! Your numbers are: 4 and 7, 9 and 12, 1 and 5, 10 and 16, 7 and 1.

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