Friday 9 October 2015


My auto-buy authors are authors whose writing I love so much that I will probably buy anything they release, no matter what. This is just a quick post, so I'll get right to it:

John Green
John Green is my original auto-buy author (apart from Jacqueline Wilson back in the day), I watched him on YouTube back in 2011 and through that discovered his novels. I raced through all of them and I actually have a few signed copies, signed by both John and Hank, because I met them in Glasgow in 2013 so that's exciting! John Green was my favourite author for a long time and although I have moved on a bit since then and slightly prefer other books, I will still buy anything he writes. To paraphrase Hazel Grace Lancaster: frankly, I'd read his grocery lists.

Rainbow Rowell
I discovered Rainbow Rowell by accident when I was buying my mum a birthday present in WH Smith last year and books were buy two get one free. So I decided to buy two for my mum and one for me, I spotted Fangirl on the shelf and thought it looked interesting so picked it up. I read it later that year and absolutely fell in love with it. I've since read most of her other books (I'm hopefully getting Carry On for my birthday!) and I will faithfully read anything and everything she puts out into the world.

Patrick Ness
I've mentioned before that The Knife of Never Letting Go was required reading for my children's literature module at university, and I'm so so glad because it introduced me to his amazing writing. His books have such brilliant concepts and his writing is unlike anything I've read in YA. I love every single one of his YA books, and I'm hoping to read his adult books soon.

Leigh Bardugo
This is a strange one because I haven't actually finished the Grisha trilogy yet, I'm waiting to hopefully get Ruin and Rising for my birthday or Christmas, but I still know that I want to buy anything that Leigh Bardugo writes. The world that she has created in the Grisha series is so well-crafted and beautiful, I could read about it forever. I'm absolutely DYING to read Six of Crows, but again I'm going to have to wait.

Bill Bryson
When thinking about my auto-buy authors, Bill Bryson didn't occur to me straight away but when I was looking at my bookshelves I realised I own quite a lot of his books, and the rest are on my wishlist. He's probably my favourite non-fiction writer because his writing is so easy to read and hilarious and he can make any topic extremely interesting. I like that he has written about such a wide range of topics and it's safe to say I'll be buying anything he release in the future.

Who are your auto-buy authors?

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