Tuesday 6 October 2015


I got my first taste of Netflix in my third year of university (NOT good for productivity) and I've been hooked ever since. It's got such an amazing selection and I think it's definitely worth the money. I share the subscription with my boyfriend and we pay for two screens at once, but it still works out to be so cheap.

As a self-confessed Netflix addict I've often found myself overwhelmed at everything that Netflix has to offer and have found myself endlessly scrolling, trying to decide what to watch, until it's far too late to watch anything at all. So I've put together a short list with just a few of my Netflix favourites, depending on what you're in the mood for, to help you out on your next Netflix night in...

01. Girlhood
This 2003 documentary follows two teenage girls separately over several years as they make their way through the juvenile criminal justice system in America. It goes in depth to explore the reasons for their incarceration and the nature of their very different personalities, and how the system ends up affecting them both in two very different ways. Such a brilliant and eye-opening film.

02. Louis Theroux
I love any and all of Louis Theroux's documentaries and there's a plethora of them on Netflix. His style is unassuming and he therefore manages to get into some incredible situations and get more out of people than a lot of other documentary makers. He's covered everything from prisons and brothels to hyponsis and dogs in Los Angeles. There's so many to get through and they're each as interesting as the next.

03. Ru Paul's Drag Race
This might possibly be my favourite show on the whole of Netflix. I mentioned this in my September favourites but I have to mention it again here because it's just the BEST THING EVER. If you're looking for some light relief but some serious entertainment then this is the one to go for. It's one of the only reality shows I've ever watched that I've truly enjoyed, it's not overly bitchy or dramatic, it's just brilliant. Basically, every season thirteen drag queens have to complete challenges to become America's next drag superstar. It features intense hilarity and some seriously amazing runway looks and performances - these queens have SKILLS. Please watch it now so we can discuss in the comments!

01. House
This medical drama is funnier and less melodramatic than Grey's Anatomy (though I still love Grey's) and packs just as much of a punch. It kind of holds that CSI appeal to me as in there's a medical mystery of the week and everything gets tied up neatly at the end of each episode, with some series long character arcs thrown in. I just love it's exciting medical drama and it's excellent snark (much of which is provided by the brilliant, and not-so-bad-looking Hugh Laurie - win!).

02. Pretty Little Liars
Unless you've been living under a rock then you've probably heard of these teen-suspense INSANE drama. But hopefully you haven't already been spoiled by the entirety of Twitter talking about it constantly. I haven't actually finished this series, I'm up to Season 5 but I'm taking a break right now because it's too intense and I can't cope. It's totally ridiculous and over the top but completely gripping and I love all the actresses. One to binge-watch for sure.

03. The L Word
Now this is one that I never hear people talking about but I've loved it since I was fifteen, what gives world? Why don't you recognise the brilliance that is The L Word? It has all the excellent LGBT-ness that you've been craving, with great writing and even greater characters. It's also shot really nicely, has some hilarious scenes as well as plenty of heartwarming moments and has a brilliant soundtrack to boot. Oh and also SHANE, that's definitely a reason to watch in itself. You need to get on this now (and tell me if you have as much of a crush on Shane as I do).

Childhood Throwbacks
01. Rugrats
I don't even need to explain this one. RUGRATS, on Netflix....RUGRATS. Go, now.

02. The Magic Schoolbus
Does anyone else remember watching this on the sofa on sick days? And wishing that Ms. Frizzle was your teacher? Actually thinking about it, she's a pretty irresponsible teacher, taking the kids on field trips every day into dangerous places like inside students' bodies and the bottom of the ocean. What was she thinking?! It's trippy and hilarious though so I still recommend this for sick days.

03. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
So this isn't technically a childhood throwback as it wasn't around when I was a kid, but My Little Pony was, and now there's an amazing show about it with awesome characters and cleverly integrated adult wit and humour. This shit is seriously addictive.

Cult Brilliance
01. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I remember watching this on Thursday nights on BBC2 after the Simpsons and seriously scaring the shit out of myself when I was younger. Especially the Gentlemen *shudder*. This is a definite cult classic and is so worth trudging your way through a shaky season one for some seriously epic later seasons. Amazing wit, wonderful characters and just general brilliance.

02. Charmed
In a similar vein to Buffy, this has a demon-of-the-week type element with season long character and story arcs. If you've ever wanted to watch a show about sisters, magic, ridiculous situations and dreamy guys (Leo...and Chris...*swoon*) then this is the show for you.

03. Arrested Development
I was a bit late to the game and only discovered this cult classic last year. It's definitely as good as everyone says it is and it's probably best to go into this one pretty blind but with an open mind (poet and I didn't know it). It's so ridiculous and hilarious, it'll bring a smile to your face every time.

So there we have it! Hopefully next time you head over to Netflix you'll check out one of these brilliant shows. Mind you, this is only a drop in the bucket of what Netflix has to offer and I haven't even started on the films! So maybe expect a few more of these posts in the future.

What's your favourite thing to watch on Netflix?

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  1. Wait, Rugrats is on Netflix? How have I not noticed that before?! So excited to check it out :-) I love Charmed and PLL too - I'm definitely a Netflix addict too!


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