Saturday 24 October 2015


Following on from Thursday's post about how I unashamedly love autumn, today's post is a little haul of all the autumnal things I've been buying lately. So grab a cup of tea and get your purse out because this is a good one...

My first stop and the thing that started all this was that treasure trove of unnecessary ephemera Home Bargains. The place was packed with Halloween bits and pieces so I decided to pick up a few things to decorate my room. I picked up a Wickford and Co. 'Halloween' candle, which smells delicious and burns really well, a little light-up Pumpkin and a Halloween tealight holder for my bookshelves and best of all: two sets of battery-operated Halloween-themed fairy lights (orange pumpkins and white bats) for only 49p each!

When on the hunt for cosy autumn things, you can always rely on Primark. They have a great selection of scarves at the moment for only £5 so I picked up this lovely tartan one which will look great over a black coat. I couldn't resist the orangey-brown (it's coming up a little more orange on the photo than it is in real life) faux-suede skirt with the gold zip detailing as it was only £8! These types of skirts are everywhere at the moment and this one's a bargain and fits like a dream. I wore it a few days later and got so many compliments from random people, which is something that never happens to me. But my absolute favourite thing that I picked up from Primark is the super-cosy faux-fur blanket that's serving as the backdrop to the above photo. It's a lot less garish than most faux-fur blankets and it's ridiculously cosy - I've been curled up in it non-stop ever since.

An autumnal haul wouldn't be complete without a scarf and boots and I'm so happy with the ones I picked up for this season. The black and white patterned snood was an early birthday present from my mum, it was £12.99 from H&M and I've already worn it so much, it's ridiculously snuggly. Last but certainly not least are my favourite things in this haul: the dalmation print chelsea boots from Asos. I absolutely live in boots from September through April and these are a great addition to my tiny collection. They're just a little bit smarter and jazzier than normal ankle boots and I'm so in love with them.

So those are the things I've been picking up this season, I'm now trying to avoid all shops because there are just too many lovely things around and my bank balance can't handle it!

What have you been buying lately?

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